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Where you can RP as an animal or a human. This RP is where you decide whether you live or die.
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PostSubject: Alright...   Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:47 pm

Well, I lied last announcement about "leaving you guys", I suppose.

I'm 14 now. My eyes have opened; enlightened by the gracious light of maturity.
And I see now that this site was definitely... a really bad one. As in, I took no thought into it, there was no plot, and many, many things could go wrong with it. It's also inactive, so there's another thing.

Although, coming back, my heart seemed to melt with pride when I noticed that at least SOMEONE had checked back not too long ago. It really made me a little pleased to know someone had cared about this site a bit.

But I'm sorry to say, Mystic Creek was not a good site. Coming back to this disorganized and sloppy- not to mention, boring -site makes me upset. Remembering my past and how awesome I thought the site was rendered me feeling quite unfruitful. Leaving it makes me feel the same way somehow...

And with that, I'm sorry if I have offended anyone, but I thought I should speak out as to why I keep abandoning my site. I just don't see the glory in it anymore.
Come back to it if you may, edit it if you may, do whatever you please. I don't want this site anymore. It is a site without a future. That is how I believe it has stayed and will stay for the rest of Earth's eternity.

If you would like to complain or get a hold of me to contact, I can be found at: or on Skype as MugzyRae.

Thanks for reading.

Your Terrible Admin,


I heart Crona xD

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