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Where you can RP as an animal or a human. This RP is where you decide whether you live or die.
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 Seeking Solitude

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PostSubject: Seeking Solitude   Seeking Solitude I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 11:27 am

Darius looked up at the sky for a moment before he took a deep breath and launched himself into the air. A few flaps of his massive, powerful black wings took him near the top of the dead mountain. The thinner air was a comfort. He needed time on his own. Time to think. He landed on top of a large ledge and folded his wings tightly behind him as he took a few steps forward before sitting down so that his legs were dangling over the edge. A lot of people would be terrified, being this high up. Even some other angels he could mention - such as his sister. But he liked being so high up. The views were beautiful up here, and it was unlikely that anybody would disturb him. Another glance at the sky told him that heavy black clouds were closing in around him. He sighed. He wouldn't have very long to himself up here. He would have to head down before the heavens opened. If his wings got too wet he wouldn't be able to fly.

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Seeking Solitude
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