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 Hunting on the Ice

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Hunting on the Ice Empty
PostSubject: Hunting on the Ice   Hunting on the Ice I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2012 3:50 pm

A mother polar bear and her daughter Loki,were looking for food. Loki groaned in hunger then turned and said for the thousandth time that day" Mommy where's the food?" Kiara turned to her cub and sighed, then explained to her again" Mommy has to go find the food,then hunt it.but if you are'nt quiet like a good little cub all the prey will be scared off." Loki looked at her with wide eyes, and then shut her mouth the rest of the way. Kiara nodded in approval then began walking through the snow again. It was very quiet from then on out, and Loki watched curiously as her mother lifted her nose into the air and sniffed heavily,turning to the left,right,and forward. She started moving towards a small hole in the snowy ice to the left of them, then once she was at the hole she sat down and watched into it. She was unmoving, her breath completly silent. Loki sat down next to her, after a while of sitting like that, with her mother looking into the hole, a small seal head poked out, but when it saw Kiara it tryed to retreat. Kiara swiped her paw into the water,digging the seal out, then she bit into its' neck.Loki jumped up and down in happiness.Now they could both eat!The small spotted seal wriggled around for a little bit,but then it's eyes rolled backward and it went limp. Kiara dropped her find onto the ground, then turned to Loki and smiled"You did a good job of staying quiet, thankyou Loki." She licked Loki between the ears, and Loki chuckled. Kiara ripped off a plump piece of flesh from the seal,then set it down in front of Loki. Loki automattically wolfed into it, the warmth of the seal and the fattiness tasting delicious. Kiara yanked off a piece too and also started eating,glad that her cub was now fed.
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Hunting on the Ice
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