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 Augest 2011 story writing contest~ Shadow's entry~

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Augest 2011 story writing contest~ Shadow's entry~ Empty
PostSubject: Augest 2011 story writing contest~ Shadow's entry~   Augest 2011 story writing contest~ Shadow's entry~ I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:04 am

up to 5 chapters
Jasmine (Not a character on here but a Humen.)
Zac(Hunter 1)
Jacob(Hunter 2)

Chapter 1~

Jessica woke up and yawned she walked across a log and jumped off she then went to hunt but she couldn't find anything, She then adventure little farther than her home and ended up where shadow lived. She sniffed around and clawed at the ground hissing senseing danger around. Shadow lurked peering at the female lynx out of a bush, Jessica didn't know she still hissed and growled. Shadow leaped at her and growled, Jessica turned around and saw a wolf right before her she stoped her attitude so did shadow.

Jessica smiled "Excuse me.. Can I ask for your name?" Jessica asked Shadow flickered one of his ears and smiled "My name is Shadow, Your name?" He replied and Jessica smiled "Well The names Jessica as you can see I am a lynx" She replied.. Shadow then went back into the bushes and Jessica stoped him "Where are you going!?" she asked worried about him. "Oh.. No where" Sheadow turned around and walked near Jessica.

Shadow layed down "I want to go and adventure do you?" He asked, Jessica smiled "Yes" She replied and Shadow got up and started walking same as Jessica He is a wolf not a lynx.. But I kinda like him but I dont like like him at all just as a friend Jessica thought and once they reached water Shadow swam to the other side, Jessica stoped and pounced up on a log and across that then jumped off when she was with shadow.

Shadow seemed silent so was Jessica, I wonder why she is so silent.. Shadow thought to himself. Jessica and shadow came to a stop "I Guess we can stop here for a rest?" Jessica asked and Shadow sat down "yes Jessica.. We could rest here for a little.." Shadow yawned and layed down.. Jessica sat down and waiting Shadow made up his mind "Lets keep going" He told her and got up and starting trotting same as Jessica in order to keep up.

Chapter 2~

They reached a very odd place that they never encountered they heard two people talking, "We should greet these new comers.." Shadow explained and Jessica jumped where they where same as Shadow. Zac and Jacob had guns and looked at the animals Jacob went near Shadow and hitted him on the muzzle and Shadow hid in the bush, Watching how Jessica takes it. Zac targeted the gun at Jessica's paw and shot it, Jessica fell to the ground. Zac grabbed her Lets throw her into the bushes and let her suffer the bullet wound" Zac told Jacob. Jacob thought about it for a moment "Zac.. Yes throw her in the bushes!" Jacob agreed.

Zac grinned and took Jessica by the neck fur and her bleeding paw got all over the ground and he Threw her into the bushes. Zac and jacob went back into the tent they are staying in. Jessica was in pain, Shadow came to her "Let me help you" Shadow told her softly and Jessica growled in pain "Why did we greet them when they are humens or hunters! its painful to get a bullet wound.." Jessica mrrowed in pain. Shadow took her by the neck fur and went the next river and layed her there. Jessica layed on her side and watched Shadow leave.. "Shadow!!" Jessica mrrowed. Shadow went back to her and stayed with her.. "Jessica... I dont know if you would survive this bullet wound.." Shadow told her sadly. Jessica looked at him eyes gleaming like she was about to cry.. "We dont know for sure!!!" Jessica told him..

Chapter 3~
Jessica layed on her side and put her head down on the ground letting blood flow from her paw she slowly closed her eyes to sleep. Shadow sighed and layed down and curled up and fell asleep.

Sooner or later they heard a car roar by it came to a stop and a nice and wonderful female came by and saw the lynx and took her put her in the car kennel for wild animals as soon as the car roared to go back home Jessica woke up and gasped then sat up "Shadow!!!!" She screamed, Shadow awoke hearing her scream and looked at the car and started to chase it.

Jessica sat down a white towl was there she was comfy but nothing to do her paw was still bleeding right onto the towl.. Shadow kept running after the car or truck, I can't give up.. She is my friend and I will rescue her! Shadow thought to hiself. Jessica layed down and smiled. Once the truck was on the road Shadow was still chasing it as fast as he could.

Then it stoped at a wildlife center, Shadow growled at Jasmien but she ignored it taked Jessica out of the cage with the towl wraped around her and carried her. Shadow watched and calmed and fallowed. But jasmine shewed him and entered the building.

Shadow was waiting outside, Jessica was put on a table and un-wrapped blood was on the towel the vet checked her wound and fixed it up with a cast. Jasmine held jessica once again and setted her outside to go back in the wild. There was a collar around her neck like a tracking device. Shadow didn't mind it so he walked slowly becuase Jessica had to limp once they got to the road. shadow grabbed Jessica by the neck fur and hurried across the street running he reached the other side.

Shadow put down Jessica and starting walking slowly into the forest Jessica was still limping becuase the cast can not move or she could damage it more. Once they got into the forest they went into a den that was big enough for a wolf and a lynx. Shadow curled and Jessica rested.. Shadow fell asleep, Jessica was still awake she got up and walked out of the den and trotted limped little fast away from the den.

Chapter 4~

Jessica was away from Shadow she reached water and went across the log carefully and went back home she layed there. Shadow awoke and went out of the den and tried looking for her but no luck at all.

Days passed jasmine carefully came to where Jessica lived and removed the cast and it was all heald she washed it up and it was better.

(^Short sorry)

Chapter 5~

Jasmine left, Jessica was happy she was running and jumping around her territory then shadow came she quickly went in her den and acted mysterous "Who goes there" Jessica asked and Shadow looked at the den "Jessica its me, shadow" Shadow replied. Jessica went out of the den "Please go.. I can take care of myself becuase that careful humen is by my side now"Jessica explained and shadow ran away..

Jessica was happy and went in the den and rested.

(^Shortt again sorry)
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Augest 2011 story writing contest~ Shadow's entry~
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